Meal Plan

Here is a free keto vegetarian meal plan to get you started!

There are two options: “regular” and “strict” – which you choose is up to you.

The strict meal plan conforms to the standard recommendation of 20 net carbs a day, which is virtually guaranteed to get you into ketosis.
It’s a good starting point, but has less variety (particularly for vegans) and is a touch lower in protein, which isn’t the greatest for supporting exercise. So, you might want to consider switching over to the “regular” meal plan after the first few weeks.

The “regular” meal plan is likely also going to get you in ketosis – if you eat only what’s on the plan. Indulging in “sugar free” sweeteners and off-plan packaged keto food (like protein bars and cookies) can have a greater impact on insulin, which lowers the number of carbs you can eat while staying in ketosis.
But, by focusing on whole food, fiber rich carbohydrates that are spaced out evenly throughout the day, chances are your carb tolerance for ketosis will be much higher. Personally, my goal has always been artificial sweetener free “clean keto” at 30g net carbs. So, this meal plan reflects what has worked for me since the beginning.

Important reminder: This meal plan is just for getting you started down the path to figuring out how to do keto as a vegetarian. It’s important to eat macros that are tailored to your height, weight, goal, and activity levels! So be sure to check out my guide to setting up macros using Cronometer, and to tailor my plan to meet your needs.

Strict Keto Vegetarian Meal Plan

Regular Keto Vegetarian Meal Plan

Please feel free to email me if you need help, have questions, or find an error!