RealGood Foods

Hi all! I’m so excited to announce my first affiliate: RealGood Foods.

Their motto is “real food you feel good about eating” and hopefully you know how much I value real foods. Brand partnerships are something I’ve thought long and hard about. I want to be a source of information you can trust, but please know that RealGood is a company I’ve loved and enjoyed for myself since day 1. If they ever make something I don’t like, I promise to tell you.

Bonus: as a result of the partnership I’m able to offer you 15% off at their website with the code: ketovegetarian.

This video is full of reviews and macro info for their food offerings. Bonus: take a shot every time I say “I’m excited” (No don’t, you’ll die. I’m sorry my inner thesaurus came up so short).

One last word of caution: many of their earliest products are chicken-based, so be sure to read the ingredients list if ordering something I haven’t reviewed.